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Autor: Mieczyslaw Pokorski
ISBN-13: 9783319102498
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Body Metabolism and Exercise

840, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Neuroscience and Respiration
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The dynamics of body metabolism are changed in the disease process and interact with physical activity. The alteration of metabolism and its consequences raise the need for simple and reliable methods for assessment of body composition. The chapters aim to investigate various interacting components converging on metabolic changes in lung and muscle tissues taking into consideration the drug effects. The effects of exercise and nutritional status are dealt with at a great extent.
A fascinating area of the entwined interaction of nutrition, metabolism, and exercise
Body Composition in Heavy Smokers: Comparison of Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry.O. Rom, A.Z. Reznick, Z. Keida, K. Karkabi, and D. Aizenbud

Metabolic and immunological consequences of vitamin D deficiency in obese children.
B. Pyrzak, E. Witkowska-Sedek, M. Krajewska, U. Demkow, and A.M. Kucharska

Markers of Bone Metabolism in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome Treated with Corticosteroids.
M. Panczyk-Tomaszewska, D. Adamczuk, A. Kisiel, P. Skrzypczyk, J. Przedlacki, E. Górska, A. Stelmaszczyk-Emmel, U. Demkow, and M. Roszkowska-Blaim

Endurance Training and the Risk of Bronchial Asthma in Female Cross-Country Skiers.
A. ebrowska, B. Gluchowska, D. Jastrzebski, A. Kochanska-Dziurowicz, A. Stanjek-Cichoracka, and I. Pokora

Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Resistance to Fatigue of Respiratory Muscles During Exhaustive Exercise.
M.O. Segizbaeva, N.N. Timofeev, Zh.A. Donina, E.N. Kur'yanovich, and N.P. Aleksandrova

Nutritional Status in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Systemic Sclerosis: Two Systemic Diseases Involving the Respiratory System.
D. Mekal, A. Doboszynska, E. Kadalska, E. Swietlik, and L. Rudnicka

Gradual versus Continuous Increase of Load in Ergometric Tests: Are the Results Comparable?
A.M. Preisser, M. Velasco Garrido, C. Bittne, E. Hampel, and V. Harth

Evaluation of Volumetric Changes in Differential Diagnosis of Brain Atrophy and Active Hydrocephalus.
E. Szczepek, L. Czerwosz, K. Nowinski, J. Jurkiewicz, and Z. Czernicki

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Autor: Mieczyslaw Pokorski
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