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Managing Complexity

Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering
Challenges for Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
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This book presents papers by experts in the field of Industrial Engineering, covering topics in business strategy; modelling and simulation in operations research; logistics and production; service systems; innovation and knowledge; and project management. The focus of operations and production management has evolved from product and manufacturing to the capabilities of firms and collaborative management. Nowadays, Industrial Engineering is concerned with the study of how to design, modify, control and improve the performance of complex systems. It has extended its scope to any physical landscape populated by social agents. This raises a major challenge to Industrial Engineering: managing complexity. This volume shows how experts are dealing with this challenge.
I. MANAGEMENT.- Looking at the Future of Industrial Engineering in Europe, by Mummolo G..- A “Collaborative Me” crossroad: Individual beliefs and the adoption of corporate blogs, by Fernández-Cardador P., Hernández-García A., Iglesias-Pradas S..- Towards Strategic Project Management, by Hermano V., Martín-Cruz N..-The impact of innovation management techniques on radical innovation: An empirical study, by Igartua J.I., Errasti N., Ganzarain J..- The Logical Framework Approach and Worker Commitment, by Jaca C., Paipa-Galeano L., Viles E., Mateo R., Santos J..- New technologies and entrepreneurial intention, by Martin-Cruz N., Rodriguez-Escudero A.I ..- Return of Equity Issues in the Spanish Stock Market from the Investor’s Perspective, during the 1997-2012 Period, by  Parreño J., Ruiz F., Roux F..- Sustainable Balanced Scorecard: Practical Application to a Services Company, by Redondo A., Pascual J.A., Gento A., Muñoz J..- Predisposition of Workers to Share Knowledge: an Empirical Study, by Sáiz L., Díez J. I., Manzanedo, M. A., Del Olmo, R..- The M.A.G. Factor. Management, Administration and Guidance. Where and How Much MAG Does Each Project Deserve and Need? A New, Original Assessment and Scoring System, by Taylor T..- Information Capability in Basque Country Quality Award Winners, by Zárraga-Rodríguez M., Álvarez M.J. II. PRODUCTION.- A Model of Makespan Flow-shop Scheduling under Ergonomic Requirements, by Asensio-Cuesta S., Gomez-Gasquet, P., Andrés C., Alemany M.M.E..- A MILP Event Based Formulation for a Real-world Multimode RCSP with Generalized Temporal Constraints, by Borreguero T., García A., Ortega M..- NTIGen: a software for generating Nissan based instances for time and space assembly line balancing, by Chica M., Cordón O., Damas S., Bautista J..- Appropriate Work Design in Lean Production Systems, by Dombrowski U., Hellmich E-M., Mielke T..- Two simple constructive algorithms for the Distributed Assembly Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem, by Hatami S., Ruiz R., Andrés Romano C..- Applications of the Lagrangian Relaxation method to operations scheduling, by Laviós-Villahoz J.J., Arauzo J.A., del-Olmo-Mártinez R., Manzanedo-del-Campo M.A ..- Toward various exact modeling the job shop scheduling problem for minimizing total weighted tardiness, by Namakshenas M., Sahraeian R..- Set-up continuity in tactical planning of semi-continuous industrial processes, by Pérez D., Alemany M.M.E., Lario F.C., Fuertes V.S..- Estimating costs in the EOQ formula, by Vidal-Carreras P.I., Garcia-Sabater J.P., Valero-Herrero M., Santandreu-Mascarell C..- III. LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN .- Order Promising Process for Supply Chains with Lack of Homogeneity in the Product, by Alemany M.M.E., Boza A., Ortiz A., Poler R..- Modeling the Master Plan for Supply Chains with Lack of Homogeneity in the Products, by Alemany M.M.E., Cuenca L., Ortiz A., Pérez D..- Packaging Logistics. A Case Study in Dairy Sector, by García Arca J., Prado Prado J.C., González-Portela Garrido A.T..- Best Practices in Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review, by Mejías A.M., Pardo J.E..- Supplier evaluation and selection: a review of the literature since 2007, by Moliné J.I., Coves A.M..- Logistic Management Employing Tabu Search and Neural Network Algorithms: A Case Study, by Peña García-Pardo I., García Márquez F.P..- Multiagent Model for Supply Chain Management, by Ponte B., Pino R., Fernández I., García N., Monterrey M..- IV. METHOS AND APPLICATIONS.- Revisiting the SEC Classification Framework in Traditional and Electronic Commerce, by Agudo-Peregrina A.F., Chaparro-Peláez J., Pascual-Miguel F.J..- A roadmap to establish collaboration among SMEs belonging to Non-Hierarchical Networks, by Andres B., Poler R..- Incorporating the work pace concept into the MMSP-W, by Bautista J., Alfaro R., Batalla C., Cano A..- Applying the LEGOstics concept in formal education at Technical University of Cartagena, by Bojan P., de la Fuente Aragón M.V., Ros McDonnell L. .- Neural Network Application for Risk Factors Estimation in Manufacturing Accidents, by Carrillo J.A., Guadix J., Grosso R., Onieva L..- A New Constructive Heuristic for the Fm|block|?T, by Companys R., Ribas I..- Applying Cluster Analysis to Renewable Energy Emergent Sector at Local Level, by Larruscain J., Río-Belver R., Cilleruelo E., Garechana G., Gavilanes-Trapote J..- How Organizational Cybernetics can help to Organize Debates on complex issues, by Pérez Ríos J., Velasco Jiménez I., Sánchez Mayoral P..- Agent-based Modelling and Archaeological Complexity, by Poza D., del Olmo R..- Complex Networks Applied to Communication Management in Emergency Crisis, by Ruiz Martín C., Ramírez Ferrero M., González Álvarez J.L., Poza D..- Localization Based on Business Interactions through a Simulated Annealing Algorithm, by Sánchez R.M., Galán J.M., Santos J.I..- Methodology for the Strategic Capacity Planning in Universities, by de la Torre R., Lusa A., Mateo M.

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