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The Management of Common Orthopedic and Sports Disorders
 Hardback (Thread Stitching)
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Hardback (Thread Stitching)
Jan Kersschot
572 g
246x176x16 mm

A compact guide to the use of biopuncture in treating musculoskeletal disorders

Written by the creator of the biological injection technique, Biopuncture is a practical guide to the therapeutic use of biopuncture in treating musculoskeletal disorders. It provides detailed discussions of therapeutic strategies, contraindications, and expert advice on dealing with complications.

Key Features:

- Includes the following injection strategies: mesotherapy, myofascial trigger point therapy, neural therapy, and prolotherapy- Written by a practitioner with more than 20 years of clinical experience in the effective application of biopuncture in orthopedic medicine- Expands the interventional treatment options for physicians who care for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders by offering reliable therapeutic strategies

All general practitioners, orthopedists, and physicians treating patients with sports injuries will find this book to be a valuable guide to the use of biopuncture to treat musculoskeletal disorders.

1 Introduction to Biopuncture
1.1 Definition of Biopuncture
1.2 Clinical Indications for Biopuncture
1.3 Diagnostic and Treatment Components of Biopuncture
1.4 Biopuncture as a Complementary Technique
1.5 Safety of Biopuncture
1.6 Efficacy of Biopuncture
1.7 Introduction of Biopuncture as a Standardized Injection Therapy
1.8 Differences between Biopuncture and Other Injection Techniques
1.9 Comparison of Biopuncture with Cortisone Injections and NSAIDs
1.10 Injection Effects of Biopuncture
1.11 How Do Ultra-Low Doses Work?
1.12 The 4 x 4 Table
1.13 Different Types of Reactor
1.14 Different Types of Responder
1.15 Different Types of Healing Process
1.16 Placebo Effect of Biopuncture
1.17 Evaluating the Efficacy of Biopuncture
1.18 Procedural Methodology
1.19 Biopuncture Territory
1.20 Injection Method
1.21 Needle and Syringes
2 Injection Techniques for Musculoskeletal Disorders
2.1 Subcutaneous Injections
2.2 Intramuscular Injections
2.3 Tendon Injections
2.4 Infiltrations of Ligaments
2.5 Periosteal Injections
2.6 Combination of Different Injection Techniques in One Session
2.7 Evaluation and Follow-up
2.8 Combination of Different Pathologies in One Session
3 Therapeutic Strategies
3.1 Assessment of Sports Injuries
3.2 Biomechanical Effect of Biopuncture
3.3 Whiplash
3.4 Rotator Cuff Injuries
3.5 Tennis Elbow
3.6 Overuse Injuries
3.7 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
3.8 Low Back Pain
3.9 Sciatica
3.10 Gluteus Minimus Syndrome
3.11 Piriformis Syndrome
3.12 Ligamentous Pseudosciatica
3.13 Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome
3.14 Hamstring Strain
3.15 Patellofemoral Syndrome
3.16 Prepatellar Bursitis
3.17 Jumper's Knee
3.18 Medial Collateral Ligament Injury
3.19 Pes Anserine Pain
3.20 Tennis Leg
3.21 Achilles Tendinopathy
3.22 Lateral Ankle Sprain
3.23 Plantar Fasciitis
4 Prevention of Complications
4.1 Damage to Organs
4.2 Accidental Injections into Blood Vessels, Nerves, or the Epidural Space
4.3 Toxic and Allergic Reactions of ULDs
4.4 Toxic and Allergic Reactions to Local Anesthetics
4.5 Reactions of the Patient
5 Conclusion
5.1 A Bridge between Complementary and Conventional Medicine
5.2 Biopuncture Courses
5.3 Biopuncture Research
5.4 Conclusion

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