Articular Injury of the Wrist

Articular Injury of the Wrist
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FESSH 2014 Instructional Course Book
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Hardback (Thread Stitching)
Marc Garcia-Elias
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State-of-the-art treatment options for complex articular wrist injuries

Hand and wrist injuries account for millions of emergency room visits each year. Although the most frequent type of articular wrist injury involves the distal radius, there are many other fractures that require skillful intervention to obtain maximum, long-term function. This book focuses on those complex intra-articular wrist injuries that have not been extensively covered in the past, providing a complete picture of their clinical, radiographic and therapeutic features. It is essential for all specialists who are regularly confronted with these challenging injuries.

Special Features:

- Each chapter written by a renowned international specialist who has pioneered significant advances in the field in the last five years- Presents a detailed review of surgical approaches to acute intra-articular wrist injuries, ranging from partial ligament tears to the most complicated dislocations- Provides an overview of basic wrist anatomy, biomechanics, injury classification, clinical presentation, assessment and diagnosis, and treatment recommendations- Includes discussions of the most promising minimally invasive treatments, especially arthroscopically guided fracture reduction- Highlights all concepts in nearly 500 instructive, beautifully drawn surgical diagrams, radiographs and intraoperative photographs

Packed with practical treatment guidelines, Articular Injury of the Wrist is invaluable for all hand surgeons as well as for orthopedic and plastic surgeons and fellows. It will quickly increase their knowledge of those difficult wrist injuries that have not been well documented previously, but are no less devastating in terms of early joint degeneration and dysfunction if not treated properly.

1 Introduction
2 A Fresh Look at Distal Radius Anatomy
3 Surgical Approaches to the Wrist Joint
4 Imaging of the Articular Injury of the Wrist
5 Trapezium, Trapezoid and Capitate Fractures
6 Hamate and Hook of the Hamate Fractures
7 Fractures of the Pisiform Bone
8 Proximal Row Fractures (Other Than Scaphoid and Pisiform Fractures): Triquetrum and Lunate Fractures
9 Undisplaced Scaphoid Fractures
10 Displaced Scaphoid Waist Fractures
11 Scaphoid Proximal Pole Fractures
12 Perilunate Dislocations
13 Scaphocapitate Fracture-Dislocation
14 Fracture-dislocations Other than Perilunate
15 Partial Tears of the Scapholunate Ligament
16 Arthroscopic Dorsal Capsuloligamentous Repair the Treatment of Chronic Scapholunate Ligament Tears
17 Open Treatment of Scapholunate Ligament Disruptions
18 Lunotriquetral Dissociation
19 Radiocarpal Dislocation
20 Intra-articular Fractures of the Distal Radius (AO types C3, with Special Focus in C3.3), Open Approach
21 Intra-articular Fractures of the Distal Radius (AO type C3), (Dry) Arthroscopic Approach
22 Unstable Ulnar Styloid Fracture
23 Natural History of Traumatic TFCC Tears
24 Triangular Fibrocartilage Tears
25 Galeazzi Fracture-dislocation
26 Complex Open Fracture-dislocations of the Wrist
27 Role of Hand Therapy in the Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures
28 Role of Hand Therapy in the Treatment of Wrist Instability

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