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Autor: Jürgen Schröder
ISBN-13: 9783131697516
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 230
Gewicht: 952 g
Format: 277x205x20 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Peripheral Vascular Interventions: An Illustrated Manual

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Associate Professor, Radiology Dept., Deaconess Hospital, Flensburg, Germany
Concentrates on the most important and most common interventions, directly applicable to daily practiceMain features:
- Step-by-step instructions: vividly illustrated, compact and clear ? the focus is on
the visual presentation of the procedures
- Emphasis on practically relevant content: concentration on the most important and
most common interventions, directly applicable to daily practice
- Readers can benefit from the decades-long experience of the author, including
tips, tricks, and specific information regarding errors and hazards.
Using succinct texts and a large number of schematic step-by-step drawings, this book teaches what is needed to perform successfully the most important and common peripheral (excluding the vessels of the heart) vascular interventions This compact, richly illustrated text presents a uniquely visual representation of the procedures interventionalists need to master to perform peripheral vascular interventions successfully. Written and illustrated by a skilled practitioner with many years of hands-on clinical experience, it shares his knowledge, advice, and techniques, giving readers the sense of sitting side-by-side with him at the angiography table.

Special Features:

More than 570 instructive, fully labeled schematic drawings showing the sequence of steps in common peripheral vascular interventions (excluding the vessels of the heart)
Covers the physiologic, anatomic, and technical fundamentals of procedures undertaken in the abdomen and lower and upper extremities
Includes detailed information on materials (e.g., stents, guidewires, cannulas, sheaths, and balloon and angiography catheters) and methods (e.g., retrograde and antegrade catheterization of the femoral artery, crossover catheterization, venous access, angiography, stent placement, local thrombolysis, and much more)
Focuses on procedures chosen for their clinical relevance and frequency of occurrence in everyday practice
Shares the author's wealth of clinical experience in time-saving tips, tricks, warning signs, risks, complications, and hazards to avoid
Especially for the beginning interventional radiologist, but also for the more experienced practitioner who wants to optimize procedures, this book provides the didactic visual examples and descriptions to perform interventions confidently and successfully. It is an ideal reference and refresher for residents, fellows, and practitioners in radiology and interventional radiology, vascular surgery, and angiology.
Autor: Jürgen Schröder
Associate Professor, Radiology Dept., Deaconess Hospital, Flensburg, Germany

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Autor: Jürgen Schröder
ISBN-13 :: 9783131697516
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Verlag: Thieme Georg Verlag
Gewicht: 952g
Seiten: 230
Sprache: Englisch
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