AO Spine Manual, 2 Vols., w. DVD-ROM
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AO Spine Manual, 2 Vols., w. DVD-ROM

AO Spine Manual, Principles and Techniques / AO Spine Manual, Clinical Applications
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260x240x88 mm

Max Aebi, Vincent Arlet, John K. Webb
Based on the successful format of AO courses, this two-volume reference is a comprehensive manual for the latest AO spine techniques. For each case, the book guides the reader from case presentation, through rationale for surgical treatment, and to non-operative treatment options. The authors describe potential complications in spine surgery and outcomes.

Volume I,Principles and Techniques, begins with a complete review of basic science concepts, helping the reader understand the biomechanics, biology, and the surgical anatomy of the spine. This volume provides a systematic overview of spinal instrumentation, computer-assisted surgery, and anesthesia considerations.

Volume II, Clinical Applications, presents a compilation of clinical cases addressing the most common spinal problems, such as spinal trauma, tumors, infections, inflammatory processes, deformities, degenerative spinal diseases, and metabolic bone disease.

Throughout both volumes, high-quality photographs and drawings illustrate surgical techniques step-by-step and demonstrate key concepts of management. Clear, easy-to-reference bulleted lists and shaded text boxes facilitate rapid review of important learning points. An accompanying DVD-ROM with video clips from live surgery symposia and practical exercises also enhance the reader's learning experience.
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Volume 1: 1 Introduction - AO Principles applied to the Spine 2 History of Spine Surgery within the AO Organization 3 Organization and Purpose of the AOSpine Group 4 Biomechanics 5 Biology of the Spine 6 Surgical Anatomy of the Spine 7 Spinal Instrumentation 8 Computer-Assisted Surgery 9 Anesthesia for Spine Surgery Volume 2: 1 Spinal Trauma 2 Spinal Tumors 3 Infections of the Spine 4 Inflammatory Processes 5 Deformities of the Spine 6 Spondylolysis, Spondylolisthesis, and Spondyloptosis 7 Degenerative Spinal Diseases 8 Metabolic Bone Disease of the Spine - Osteoporosis 9 Complications in Spine Surgery 10 Documentation, Evaluation, and Outcome in Spine Surgery