Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology

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Brigitte Wildemann
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Thieme Publishers Stuttgart 2010 im Thieme Verlag
Up-to-date, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology presents all the measuring parameters and methods relevant to the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, serum, and tissues affected by neurologic disease and syndromes. Following an introduction to basic concepts, the book guides clinicians through the methods of CSF analysis, neurochemical examinations, clinical applications of neuroimmunology, microbiology and virology, neurogenetic tests, and evaluation of biopsies. Readers will learn about the equipment and various procedures, and how to effectively differentiate similar methods. In the final section of the book, the authors provide a systematic introduction to the pathophysiology and laboratory findings for specific clinical disorders, indications for particular test methods, and criteria for diagnostic interpretation.

Key features:

Clear presentation of pearls, pitfalls, and practical tips in blue boxes for at-a-glance review

Contributions by neurologists, psychiatrists with experience in laboratory analysis, clinical chemists, and neurochemists

More than 140 high-quality illustrations, mostly in full color, demonstrating common findings

Appendix with basic rules for interpreting disease-specific patterns, recommendations for quality control, and a list of the most important reference values

An indispensable tool for neurologists, laboratory physicians, and pathologists, this book is also a valuable reference for neurosurgeons, internists, and psychiatrists.
Basics:; 1 The Cerebrospinal Flud - Its Production and Circulation in the Subarachnoid Space; 2 Blood-Brain Barrier and Blood-CSF Barrier Function; 3 Dynamics of Serum and Brain Proteins in the CSF and Blood; Analysis:; 4 Basic Methods of Analysis; 5 Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis; 6 Serum Analysis; 7 Autoantibodies and Antineural Antibodies; 8 Neurogenetics; 9 Biopsy Clinical Pictures:; 10 Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases; 11 Dementia and Psychiatric Disorders; 12 Cerebral Ischemia and Hemorrhage; 13 Polyneuropathy; 14 Pseudotumor Cerebri, Ventricular Drainage, and Neurosurgery; 15 Epileptic Seizures; 16 Brain Tumors; 17 Metabolic Disorders; 18 Parasitosis and Tropical Diseases; Appendix:; 19 CSF Reports; 20 Quality Control of Protein Analysis; 21 Reference Ranges of Analytes in CSF and Serum.