Clinical Research for Surgeons

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Mohit Bhandari
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Praise for this book:

"Readable, relevant, and interesting...this book cuts through jargon, recapitulates key concepts, and clarifies with current examples from the literature...recommend[ed]."--Doody's Review

A thoughtful introduction and guide to clinical research for surgeons. The book is especially useful because surgical research differs from drug and device research in matters like control treatments, blinding, regulation, and funding. -- Norman M. Goldfarb, Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, August, 2012.

Clinical Research for Surgeons is a practical guide for understanding, planning, conducting, and evaluating surgical research. It covers the principles of evidence-based surgery and applies these principles to the design of suitable research studies. The reader will come to fully understand important concepts such as case-control study, prospective cohort study, randomized trial, and reliability study. The book provides valuable discussions of the critical appraisal of published clinical studies, allowing the reader to learn how to evaluate the quality of such studies with respect to measuring outcomes and to make effective use of all types of evidence in patient care.


Insights from experienced surgeons and veteran researchers

Easy-to-reference text boxes with Key Concepts, Jargon Simplified, and Examples from the Literature

Coverage of both open and minimally-invasive surgical procedures

50 illustrations demonstrating key points

This book is a valuable reference for clinicians and residents in a range of disciplines, including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, interventional radiology, cardiac surgery.
A practical aid in planning and conducting clinical research