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Guenter Schmidt
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G. Schmidt
This compact book provides radiologists, ultrasonographers, residents, and trainees with a handy, portable guide to managing problems in the everyday setting. The first section of the book provides a thorough review of basic physical and technical principles and examination techniques. In the second section of the book, the author helps the clinician answer such questions as:

What differential diagnoses should be considered for specific signs and symptoms?

When can ultrasound advance the diagnosis?

What are the typical sonographic signs that suggest a diagnosis?

The book describes systematic approaches to the ultrasound examination of specific organs and organ systems, postoperative ultrasound, with emphasis on scanning protocols, normal findings, and possible abnormal findings and their significance. Color-coded sections aid rapid reference to topics of interest.
Basic physical and technical principles, examination techniques, and documentation Sign and symptoms-based and organ-based approaches to the ultrasound examination of specific organs and organ systems
Emphasis on scanning protocols, normal findings, and possible abnormal findings and their significance
Gray Part: Basic Principles 1 Basic Physical and Technical Principles 1.1 Physics of Ultrasound 1.2 Ultrasound Techniques 1.3 Color Duplex Sonography 1.4 Imaging Artifacts 2 The Ultrasound Examination 2.1 Abdominal Ultrasound 2.2 Ultrasound Imaging of Joints (Arthrosonography) 3 Ultrasound Documentation and Reporting 4 Function Studies 5 Interventional Ultrasound 5.1 Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) 5.2 Therapeutic Aspiration and Drainage Green Part: Ultrasound Investigation of Specific Signs and Symptoms 6 Principal Signs and Symptoms 6.1 Upper Abdominal Pain 6.2 Lower Abdominal Pain 6.3 Diffuse Abdominal Pain 6.4 Diarrhea and Constipation 6.5 Unexplained Fever 6.6 Palpable Masses 6.7 Enlarged Lymph Nodes 6.8 Edema 6.9 Renal Insufficiency and Acute Renal Failure 6.10 Jaundice 6.11 Hepatosplenomegaly 6.12 Ascites 6.13 Joint Pain and Swelling 6.14 Goiter, Hyper- and Hypothyroidism Blue Part: Ultrasonography of Specific Organs and Organ Systems, Postoperative Ultrasound, and the Search for Occult Tumors 7 Arteries and Veins 7.1 Examination 7.2 Aorta and Arteries 7.3 Vena cava and Peripheral Veins 8 Cervical Vessels 8.1 Examination 8.2 Abnormal Findings 9 Liver 9.1 Examination 9.2 Diffuse Changes 9.3 Circumscribed Changes 9.4 Changes in the Portal Venous System 10 Kidney and Adrenal Gland 10.1 Examination 10.2 Diffuse Renal Changes 10.3 Circumscribed Changes in the Renal Parenchyma 10.4 Circumscribed Changes in the Renal Pelvis and Renal Sinus 10.5 Evaluation and Further Testing 10.6 Perirenal Masses and Adrenal Tumors 11 Pancreas 11.1 Examination 11.2 Diffuse Changes 11.3 Circumscribed Changes 12 Spleen 12.1 Examination 12.2 Ultrasound Findings 13 Bile Ducts 13.1 Examination 13.2 Intrahepatic Ductal Changes 13.3 Extrahepatic Ductal Changes 13.4 Evaluation and Further Testing 14 Gallbladder 14.1 Examination 14.2 Changes in Size, Shape, and Position 14.3 Wall Changes 14.4 Intraluminal Changes 14.5 Evaluation and Further Testing 15 Gastrointestinal Tract 15.1 Examination 15.2 Stomach 15.3 Small Intestine 15.4 Large Intestine 16 Urogenital Tract 16.1 Examination 16.2 Renal Pelvis, Ureter, and Bladder 16.3 Male Genital Tract 16.4 Female Genital Tract 17 Thorax 17.1 Examination 17.2 Chest Wall 17.3 Pleura 17.4 Lung Parenchyma 18 Thyroid Gland 18.1 Examination 18.2 Diffuse Changes 18.3 Circumscribed Changes 19 Major Salivary Glands 19.1 Examination 19.2 Abnormal Findings 20 Postoperative Ultrasound 20.1 Normal Postoperative Changes 20.2 Postoperative Complications 21 Search for Occult Tumors 21.1 Principal Signs and Symptoms 21.2 Sonographic Criteria for Malignancy 21.3 Evaluation and Further Testing

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