Pocket Atlas of Dental Radiology

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Friedrich A. Pasler
330 g
189x128x15 mm
Thieme Flexibooks, clinical sciences

Pasler, Visser
In this age of highly specialized medical imaging, an examination of the teeth and alveolar bone is almost unthinkable without the use of radiographs. This highly informative and easy-to-read book with a collection of 798 radiographs, tables, and photos provides a myriad of problem-solving tips concerning the fundamentals of radiographic techniques, quality assurance, image processing, radiographic anatomy, and radiographic diagnosis. Information is easy to find, enabling the reader to literally get a grasp of essential new knowledge in next to no time. The dental practice team now has a pocket "consultant" at its fingertips, providing practical ways to incorporate new techniques into daily practice.
A fine-tuned didactic concept:

Each topical concept is printed compactly on a double-page spread

On the left: concise and highly instructive text

On the right: informative, high-quality illustrations

Main topics include:

Examination strategies, radiation protection, quality assurance

Conventional and digital radiographic techniques

Radiographic anatomy: The problems of object localization and how to solve them

Recent research with conventional radiography, CT, MRI, etc.

Normal variations and pathologic conditions as viewed with the various imaging techniques

A concise and up-to-date presentation of modern dental radiology
Provides problem-solving tips on basics of X-rays of the teeth.
Radiographic Technique, Radiographic Anatomy, Image Processing Panoramic radiography Intraoral dental radiographs Conventional skull films, and radiographic anatomy Computer tomography, radiographic anatomy Magnetic resonance imaging Determining the location of dystopic teeth and individual tooth roots Depiction of sialoliths Radiographic film, conventional processing, processing errors Radiography using digital systems Radiographic pathology Dysmorphias and regressive alterations Calcifications, concrements, ossifications Radiographic diagnosis of dental caries Radiographic diagnosis of periodontal pathology and inflammation within the jaws Diseases of the maxillary sinuses of dentogenic and rhinogenic origin TMJ disorders Jaw cysts Odontogenic tumors, hamartoma, dysplasias Non-odontogenic tumors and tumor-like lesions Traumatology of the teeth and jaws Foreign bodies and forensic significance of radiographs Acknowledgements for figures Bibliography Index

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