Dry Eye Disease

The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
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Penny A. Asbell
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Penny A. Asbell, Michael A. Lemp
Here is the ultimate guide to managing the most frequently encountered problem in the eye patient--dry eye disease. Dry Eye Disease: The Clinician's Guide to Management provides the latest diagnostic techniques, new approaches for classifying patients, and state-of-the-art, evidence-based medical and surgical treatments. The book opens with a review of the epidemiology and the multifactorial etiologies of dry eye disease. The authors guide the reader through taking a thorough patient history, conducting the diagnostic examination, and using clinical tests to make a confident evaluation of the severity of the disease. In their discussion of both medical and surgical techniques for management, the authors describe common treatments, such as punctal plugs, lid treatment, artificial tears, as well as innovative treatments including autologous serum drops, stem cell transplantation, and more.
Contributions from such internationally known experts as Shigeru Kinoshita, M. Reza Dana, Maurizio Rolando, Kazuo Tsubota, Kelly Nichols, Janine Smith, J. Daniel Nelson, Jay S. Pepose, Mark J. Mannis, Friedrich E. Kruse, Teruo Nishida, and others
Thorough discussion of new and emerging diagnostic tests, including tear osmolarity, impression cytology, corneal permeability, and visual function, enables readers to expand and sharpen their techniques
A bullet-point list of key points at the beginning of each chapter is ideal for rapidly reviewing important concepts
Numerous tables organize the results of clinical surveys of common symptoms and factors associated with dry eye disease
An extensive list of references, as well as a chapter covering online resources, helps the reader keep abreast of the newest research

This is a timely reference for all ophthalmologists, optometrists, and trainees in these specialties. It is essential reading for practitioners treating contact lens wearers and refractive surgery patients, as well as patients with glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.
Statistics show that disorders affecting the ocular surface of the eye account for a significant portion of patients visits to optometrists and specialists. Practical handbook
Insights into the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease
1. Epidemiology of Dry Eye Tomlinson 2. Pathogenesis and Classification of Dry Eye Lemp 3. Patient History, Symptoms, and Questionnaires Nichols 4. Diagnostic Tests: In Office Nelson 5. Non-Routine Tests Baudouin 6. Lids and Ocular Surface Disease: Diagnosis and Management Rolando/Papadia 7. Increasing Tear Quantity with Artificial Tears and Reducing Evaporation Tsubota/Dogru 8. Modulation of Inflammation and Immunity in Dry Eye Barabino/Rashid/Dana 9. Complementary and Alternative Medicine to Treat Dry Eyes Smith 10. New Innovations in Treatment: Mucin Stimulators and Hormone Replacements Dua/Kruse 11. Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses Asbell/Ucakhan 12. Refractive Surgery and Dry Eyes Pepose/Qazi 13. Severe Dry Eye: Diagnosis and Treatment Reilly/Mannis 14. Surgery for Dry Eye Kruse/Holbach/Dua 15. Systemic Issues and Dry Eye Disease Kinoshita/Yokoi 16. Lessons Learned From Clinical Trials Treating Dry Eyes Foulks 17. Keeping Current on Medical Information and Drug Development Novack 18. Future Trends in the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease Nishida

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