Spinal Trauma: An Imaging Approach

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Victor N. Cassar-Pullicino
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Victor N. Cassar-Pullicino, Herwig Imhof
The diagnosis of trauma to the spine -- where the slightest oversight may have catastrophic results -- requires a thorough grasp of the spectrum of resultant pathology as well as the imaging modalities used in making an accurate diagnosis. In Spinal Trauma, the internationally renowned team of experts provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge exposition of the current vital role of imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the axial skeleton. Beginning with a valuable clinical perspective of spinal trauma, the book offers the reader a unique overview of the biomechanics underlying the beautifully illustrated pathology of cervical trauma.
Acute trauma topics include:

Optimization of imaging modalities

Malalignment -- signs and significance

Vertebral fractures -- detection and implications

Classification of thoraco-lumbar fractures -- rationale and relevance

Neurovascular injury

Distilling decades of clinical and teaching expertise, the contributors further discuss the current role of imaging in special focus topics, which include:

The pediatric spine

Sports injuries

The rigid spine

Trauma in the elderly

Vertebral collapse, benign and malignant

Spinal trauma therapy

Vertebral fractures and osteoporosis

Neuropathic spine

All throughout the book, the focus is on understanding the injury, and its implications and complications, through "an imaging approach." Complete with hundreds of superb MR images and CT scans, and clear full-color drawings, the authors conclude with a look into the future, defining clinical trends and research directions. Spinal Trauma -- with its broad scope, practical imaging approach, and current focus -- is designed to enhance confidence and accuracy, making it essential reading for clinicians and radiologists at all levels.
Solid background on the mechanisms of spine injury
Diagnosis of spinal trauma using all appropriate imaging modalities
Written by a team of well-known international specialists

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