Whole Body MR Imaging

Whole Body MR Imaging
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Ernst J. Rummeny
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285x220x32 mm

Professor of Radiology and Director, Dept. of Clinical Radiology, University Hospital Muenster, Muenster, Germany
This lavishly illustrated book is a comprehensive guide to the basic principles and clinical applications of MR imaging for all regions of the body. The opening chapter provides a thorough overview of the basic principles for MR imaging, contrast agents, risks and side effects associated with MR imaging, and common imaging artifacts. The remaining chapters address common pathological findings in the head and neck, thorax, female breast, abdomen, pelvis, lymph nodes, musculoskeletal system, and vessels. A final chapter discusses the applications of whole-body MRI, whole-body MR angiography, and high-field MRI at 3 T.
1 Basic Principles Basic Principles of MRI MR Contrast Agents Risks and Side Effects of MRI Imaging Artifacts 2 Head and Neck 3 Chest Heart Mediastinum, Pleura and Chest Wall Lung and Tracheobronchial System 4 The Female Breast Breast Breast Implants 5 Abdomen Liver Pancreas Biliary Tract Spleen Kidney and Urinary Tract Adrenal Glands 6 Pelvis Urinary Bladder Pelvic Floor and Fistulas Female Pelvis Male Pelvis 7 Lymph Nodes 8 Peripheral Skeletal System Bone and Soft-Tissue Tumors Rheumatoid Diseases Infectious Diseases of the Bone and Soft Tissues Avascular Necrosis Osteoporosis Trauma Joints Bone Marrow 9 Vessels Technique of Vascular Imaging Cervical Vessels Thoracic Vessels Abdominal Vessels Peripheral Vessels 10 Whole-Body MRI and MRA, High-Field MRI Whole-Body MR Imaging Whole-Body MR Angiography High-Field MRI at 3 Tesla Subject Index

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