Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery

Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery
Minimizing Risks and Complications
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Richard J. Wiet
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Richard J. Wiet
-First book focusing on error prevention and safety in ear surgery
-Detailed coverage of indications and contraindications, testing procedures, alternatives, monitoring techniques and more
Section I. Introduction to Routine and Advanced Ear Surgery 1. General Requirements for Anesthesia in Routine Ear and Skull Base Operations --Clark/Nitsun/Szokol 2. Audiometric Requirements Prior to Ear Surgery: Pitfalls -- Kileny/Berryhill 3. Intraoperative Monitoring of Cranial Nerves During Otological Surgery: Prevention --Novak/Nenonene/Bernstein 4. Imaging of the Temporal Bone -- Valvassori Section II. Surgery for Hearing 5. Correction of Congenital Malformations -- De La Cruz/Hansen 6. Risks and Complications of Tympanoplasty -- Farrior 7. Evaluating Blunt Temporal Bone Trauma -- Dinces/Kim/Wiet 8. Prevention of Complications in Stapes Surgery -- Perkins 9. Ossicular Chain Reconstruction: Maximizing Success and Minimizing Errors -- Kartush/Babu 10. Avoiding Complications of Cochlear Implant Surgery -- Cohen/Marrinan Section III. Surgery for Vertigo/Dizziness 11. Surgery for Benign Paroxysmal Postural Vertigo -- Battista 12. Meniere s Disease: Diagnosis and Management -- Wiet/Kim 13. Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Dizziness and Vertigo -- Garcia-Ibanez/Kumar 14. Meniette Device and Chemical Labyrinthectomy For Unilateral Cochleovestibular -- Gates Section IV. Surgery for Infection 15. Pathology of Temporal Bone Related to Chronic Ear Disease -- Wenig, BM 16. Intact Canal Wall Tympanomastoidectomy -- Massick/Welling 17. Philosophy of Cholesteatoma Management -- Fayad/Parisier 18. Obliteration Operations -- Esquivel 19. Cholesterol Granuloma -- Brackmann/Antonio 20. Complications of Cholesteatoma / Chronic OME -- Antonio/Slattery Section V. Tumors of the Temporal Bone and Related Skull Base 21. Management of Acoustic Neuromas -- Wiet/Ho 22. Middle Ear and Skull Base Glomus Tumors: Tympanic and Tympano-Jugular -- Sanna/De Donato/Russo 23. Rarer Tumors of the Middle Ear and Temporal Bone -- Brackmann/Antonio Section VI. Surgery of the Facial Nerve 24. Tumors of the Facial Nerve -- Linder/Fisch 25. Surgery in Bell s Palsy and in Traumatic Facial Paralysis -- Kumar 26. Facial Reanimation and Eye Care -- Goldenberg/Wenig, BL Section VII. Newer Trends in Ear Surgery 27. Office-Based Minor Surgery: Otoendoscopy and Inner Ear Perfusion -- Silverstein/Jackson 28. Neuronavigation in the Temporal Bone -- Fraysse/Kim/Wiet 29. The Implantable Middle Ear Amplifier -- Frederickson/Bankaitis 30. Intratympanic Therapy for Hearing Loss -- Chandrasekhar

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