Evidence-Based Neurosurgery

Evidence-Based Neurosurgery
An Introduction
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Stephen J. Haines
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Stephen J. Haines, Beverly C. Walters
Learn to employ evidence-based approaches to common problems in neurosurgery!
Evidence-Based Neurosurgery: An Introduction begins with a review of the concepts and techniques involved in the practice of evidence-based medicine, including the basics of critical analysis using methodologically rigorous evidence-synthesis techniques. The second part of the text provides useful examples of the use of this critical analysis for common clinical situations, such as stent placement, managing infection, metastases, craniocerebral trauma, cervical spine trauma, and more.The book covers all phases of clinical practice-patient assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment-helping to address such questions as: How do you reliably determine the characteristics of the individual patient's condition? What is the likely course of the disease? How do you determine what interventions are likely to have a positive impact? Does the intervention work under certain specified circumstances? Evidence-Based Neurosurgery: An Introduction is an invitation to apply the rigorous methods of evidence-based medicine to improve your practice of neurosurgery.
Foreword: Julian T. Hoff Preface Contributors Part I: Concepts and Techniques 1. A Conceptual Framework: Stephen J. Haines and Joyce S. Nicholas 2. Infection in Neurosurgery: Beverly C. Walters and Stephen J. Haines Part II: Evidence-Based Neurosurgery 3. Neuro-Oncology: The Role of Surgery in the Management of Malignant Glioma: Timothy C. Ryken, Bruce Frankel, and Mark Bernstein 4. Cerebrovascular Surgery: J. Max Findlay and E. Thomas Chappell 5. Management of Neurotrauma: Jack E. Wilberger 6. Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases: Jason Sheehan and Douglas Kondziolka with Timothy C. Ryken 7. Surgery for Cervical Spine Trauma: David A. Vincent, Paul C. McCormick, and Mark N. Hadley 8. Peripheral Nerve Surgery: Jacob Schwarz and James N. Campbell 9. Evidence-Based Neurosurgery in Practice: Blending Art and Science: Stephen J. Haines Index

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