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Paperback (Thread Stitching)
Gerhard K. Lang
921 g
240x170x25 mm

The World of Opthalmology in Your Hand

This larger-format third edition of a remarkable atlas reflects the latest advances in the constantly evolving specialty of ophthalmology. Firsthand knowledge is culled from the author's decades of patient consultations, teaching, and combined surgical experience. Cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration are covered along with other eye diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. Disorders less frequently seen in clinical practice are included in its comprehensive coverage.

Organized anatomically, this expertly written text covers the entire scope of ophthalmologic practice. Its systematic didactic outline detailing symptoms, examination findings, and diagnosis makes it easy to follow and consult.

Key Features:

- A detailed chapter on clinical ophthalmological examination
- Anatomical, pathophysiological, diagnostic, and clinical data on every area of the eye
- 600 highest quality color photographs, superb illustrations, and overviews illustrate clinical findings and pathophysiology
- Tables include important medications, reference dimensions, and standard values, cardinal symptoms and diagnoses
- A glossary of technical ophthalmological terms
- New design and larger, clearer format

Medical students and ophthalmology residents will find this an invaluable reference tool. This concise compendium also offers a stellar study aid for board exam preparation, and provides an excellent ophthalmology refresher course for practicing clinicians and allied healthcare professionals.

1 The Ophthalmic Examination
2 Eyelids (Palpebrae)
3 Lacrimal System
4 Conjuctiva
5 Cornea
6 Sclera
7 Lens
8 Uveal Tract (Vascular Layer)
9 Pupil
10 Glaucoma
11 Vitreous Body
12 Retina
13 Optic Nerve
14 Visual Pathway
15 Orbital Cavity
16 Optics and Refractive Errors
17 Ocular Motility and Strabismus
18 Ocular Trauma
19 Cardinal Symptoms
20 Appendix
21 Glossary

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