Principles of Ear Acupuncture

Principles of Ear Acupuncture
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Microsystem of the Auricle
 Hardback (Thread Stitching)
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Hardback (Thread Stitching)
Axel Rubach
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247x186x20 mm

The updated Second Edition of this outstanding reference guide and textbook provides a comprehensive review of both the French (after Nogier) and Chinese schools of acupuncture. The book offers a detailed description of the anatomy and morphology of the ear, acupoints on the ear and their localizations, as well as specific points for ear acupuncture. Dr. Rubach, with many years' experience as a practitioner and teacher, provides valuable information in an easy-to-read, helpful format. You will learn how to use ear acupuncture safely and effectively. Large-format, graphic images are used to clearly show the location of points and the methods of auriculotherapy. The book includes answers to important everyday questions and is a treasury of practical information.

Special features of Principles of Ear Acupuncture, Second Edition:
- A critical review of different methods of stimulation
- A practical compendium of the therapeutic point combinations
- Quick reference section on acupoints and localization
- A question and answer section for instant review
- Now includes over 30 interesting indications

The book includes special sections on the use of acupuncture in pregnancy, obstetrics, gynecology, and dentistry. Filled with tips for daily practice and an excellent reference guide, this book is a must for students and ear acupuncturists.

1 Introduction
2 Anatomy of the Outer Ear (Auricle)
3 Systematic Localization of Points on the Auricle
4 Special Points and Treatment Areas
5 Introduction
6 Basic Tools and Procedures
7 Methods of Stimulation
8 Practical Approach
9 Established Indications
10 Examples of Therapy for Use in Practice

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