Oral Development and Histology

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James K. Avery
An updated classic text for all dental students and practitioners!
Praise for the Previous Edition:
"The authors are all recognized experts in their respective field...lavishly illustrated... brings the theoretical into the real world of the clinic...dental students and educators alike will benefit from this text...enlightening."
Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

Now in a revised and updated third edition, this classic text is the first student-oriented book on the important subject of oral development and histology. For the first time, full color illustrations and histologic radiographs are included to complement and support the expertly written text. The book covers the whole field of oral development and histology, addressing topics such as crown formation, root structures, wound healing, histology of oral mucosa and tonsils, and much more!

Special Features of the new third edition:
- Color photographs and histologic images side-by-side with the text to enhance your understanding of the subject
- "Clinical Applications" show you how to apply this valuable information, bridging the gap between basic science and clinical treatment
- New chapters on molecular biology of tooth initiation, induction, enamel, as well as gerontology
- Full coverage of the genetics of facial and dental formation and malformation syndromes
- Review questions and self-contained study units in every chapter

Whether you are a student learning a new field or an experienced practitioner looking for a refresher, Oral Development and Histology, Third Edition is the most comprehensive book available in the field. Highly organized and designed, it will make your work easier and more rewarding!

James K. Avery, DDS, PhD is Professor Emeritus in the School of Dentistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan.
Now with four-color and higher quality images
Section I. Development and Maturation of the Facial Area. 1. General Human Development 2. Development of the Branchial Arches, Face and Palate 3. Development of Cartilages and Bones of the Facial Skeleton 4. Postnatal Facial Growth, Birth Through Postadolescence Section II. Development of the Teeth and Supporting Structures. 5. Development of the Teeth: Crown Formation 6. Development of the Teeth: Root and Supporting Structures 7. Tooth Eruption and Shedding 8. Tooth and Bone Development (Agents Affecting) Section III. Structure and Function of the Teeth. 9. Histology of Enamel 10. Histology of Dentin 11. Histology of Pulp 12. Comparison of Primary and Permanent Teeth Section IV. The Structure and Function of the Supporting Tissues of the Teeth. 13. Histology of the Periodontium: Alveolar Bone, Cementum and Periodontal Ligament 14. Histology of the Oral Mucosa and Tonsils 15. Histology of the Nasal Mucosa and Paranasal Sinuses 16. Histology of the Gingiva and Epithelial Attachment 17. Neural Function (Innervation) of Oral Tissues Section V. Structure of the Soft Tissues of the Oral Cavity. 18. Development, Structure and Function of the Salivary Glands 19. Structure and Function of Saliva, Pellicle, Plaque, and Calculus Section VI. Related Functional Tissues of the Oral Area. 20. Structure and Function of the Temporomandibular Joint 21. Histologic Changes During Tooth Movement 22. Histology and Function of Interosseus Implants 23. Wound Healing

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