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Autor: Ronald P. Schaefer
ISBN-13: 9783110489668
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 994
Gewicht: 1834 g
Format: 244x177x60 mm
Sprache: Englisch

A Grammar of Emai

72, Mouton Grammar Library
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Ronald P. Schaefer, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA & Francis O. Egbokhare, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
This reference grammar is the first ever description of West Africa's Edoid language Emai. It incorporates narrative, lexical and grammatical field results over the last three decades. Treated are morphology, syntax and argument structure after an introductory phonology and orthographic overview highlighting grammatical and lexical tone. Individual chapters delineate noun and verb phrase structure as well as clause shape in discourse and clause combination. Noun inflection and derivation are detailed as is verb inflection in the context of tense, aspect and modality. Noun phrase character encompasses remnant noun classes, nominal modification types and pronoun forms followed by conjunction. Verb phrase features include complex predicates, both verbs in series and verb plus postverbal particle, functionally distinct copulas, double objects, and sentence complement types constrained by matrix verb. Also analyzed are preverbal and postverbal adverbials relative to information question types. Multi-clause constructions are profiled as to coding varieties across dependent clauses as well as precedence relations. A concluding chapter presents a sample narrative in orthographic form, interlinear gloss and English free translation.
The series builds an extensive collection of high quality descriptions of languages around the world. Each volume offers a comprehensive grammatical description of a single language together with fully analyzed sample texts and, if appropriate, a word list and other relevant information which is available on the language in question. There are no restrictions as to language family or area, and although special attention is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and valuable treatments of better known languages are also included. No theoretical model is imposed on the authors; the only criterion is a high standard of scientific quality.
Autor: Ronald P. Schaefer, Francis O. Egbokhare
Ronald P. Schaefer, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA & Francis O. Egbokhare, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Autor: Ronald P. Schaefer
ISBN-13 :: 9783110489668
ISBN: 311048966X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2017
Verlag: de Gruyter Mouton
Gewicht: 1834g
Seiten: 994
Sprache: Englisch
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