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Autor: Peter Arkadiev
ISBN-13: 9783110343762
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Contemporary Approaches to Baltic Linguistics

276, Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM]
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Peter Arkadiev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; Axel Holvoet, University of Warsaw; Björn Wiemer, Universität Mainz.
This book is a collection of articles dealing with various aspects of the Baltic languages (Lithuanian, Latvian and Latgalian), which have only marginally featured in the discourse of theoretical linguistics and linguistic typology. The aim of the book is to bridge the gap between the study of the Baltic languages, on the one hand, and the current agenda of the theoretical and typological approaches to language, on the other. The book comprises 13 articles dealing with various aspects of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, and their interactions, plus a lengthy introduction, whose aim is to outline the state of the art in the research on the Baltic languages. The contributions are data-driven, being based on field-work, corpus research, and data published in the sources not accessible to the general linguistic audience. On the other hand, all contributions are informed in the relevant contemporary linguistic theories and in the advances of linguistic typology. Some of the contributions aim at a more detailed, accurate and theoretically informed description of the data, others look at the Baltic material from a more theoretical point of view, still others assume an areal-typological or contact perspective.
The series publishes state-of-the-art work on core areas of linguistics across theoretical frameworks as well as studies that provide new insights by building bridges to neighbouring fields such as neuroscience and cognitive science. The series considers itself a forum for cutting-edge research based on solid empirical data on language in its various manifestations, including sign languages. It regards linguistic variation in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions as well as in its social contexts as important sources of insight for a better understanding of the design of linguistic systems and the ecology and evolution of language.
Editiert von: Peter Arkadiev, Axel Holvoet, Björn Wiemer
Peter Arkadiev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; Axel Holvoet, University of Warsaw; Björn Wiemer, Universität Mainz.

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Autor: Peter Arkadiev
ISBN-13 :: 9783110343762
ISBN: 3110343762
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2015
Verlag: de Gruyter Mouton
Gewicht: 927g
Seiten: 554
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 233x161x38 mm