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Joachim Latacz
ISSN Sammlung wissenschaftlicher Commentare (SWC)
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Since Ameis-Hentze-Cauer (1868-1913) no comprehensive, scholarly commentary of Homer’s Iliad has been published in German. In the meantime considerable progress has been made in many traditional areas of Homeric studies (language, realia, structure etc.). In addition, generally acknowledged new fields such as narratology have been systematically studied. Furthermore, the knowledge of the Mycenaean language (Linear B) and oral poetry provide completely new possibilities of textual constitution and analysis. Using the old Ameis-Hentze-Cauer as a starting point, the new commentary reflects the current scholarship on Homer in a comprehensive way. As a new standard work, the “Basel Commentary” of the Iliad has received considerable recognition among scholars worldwide. The fresh concept in terms of content and form serves the needs of different groups of users. The commentary primarily aims at students and academic teachers (at schools and universities), not only of Classics but also of cultural and literary studies as well as of humanities in general. The original plan to proceed from book to book was abandoned. With respect to the current preferences in schools and universities the six most important books will be available until 2009 at the latest: 3 (teichoscopia, truce, single-combat between Menelaus and Paris), 6 (the episode of Diomedes and Glaucus, Hector in Troy), 9 (overtures to the angry Achilles), 19 (Achilles’ reconciliation and return to battle), 22 (Hector’s death) and 24 (Hector’s body is returned to Priam by Achilles). The authors of the volumes to be published until 2009 are the following: Book 3: Dr. Martha Krieter-Spiro Book 6: Dr. Magdalene Stoevesandt Book 9: Prof. Dr. Joachim Latacz Book 19: Dr. Marina Coray Book 22: Prof. Dr. Robert Plath Book 24: lic. phil. Claude Brügger.

Diese 1896 begründete Reihe erfasst seltene griechische und lateinische Texte mit Übersetzungen und Kommentaren sowie ausführliche Einleitungen und macht sie einem weiteren wissenschaftlichen Publikum zugänglich. Als Schwerpunkt der Reihe gilt seit 2000 "Homers Ilias. Gesamtkommentar"; hier wird Homers Ilias im Text (von M. L. West) mit Übersetzung (von J. Latacz) und mit Kommentar in deutscher Sprache geboten.

Die zweite, durchgesehene Auflage zum Kommentar des Ersten Gesanges (Band I,2002) war für einige Monate vergriffen. Nunmehrsteht den Benutzerndie dritte, durchgesehene Auflagezur Verfügung.