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The Role of Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases

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Kenneth V. Honn
1161, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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The Organizing Committee of the 15th International Conference on Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases compiled a group of junior investigators to provide reviews on the topics they presented at the Puerto Vallarta Bioactive Lipids conference, as part of the book series, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (AEMB). The book in this series will be titled Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases. Topics range from all classes of lipids including prostaglandins, resolvins, spingolipids, P450-derived lipids, endocannabanoids and phospholipids. The focus includes physiology, cell biology, and structural studies in organisms from bacteria to humans and how these studies addressed the role of lipids in various disease i.e. cancer, inflammation, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and others.


Chapter 1Introduction.

Chapter 2 Understanding the role of pro-resolving lipid mediators in infectious keratitis.

Chapter 3 Immunoresolvent resolvin D1 maintains the health of the ocular surface.

Chapter 4 The evolving role of specialized pro-resolving mediators in modulating neuroinflammation in perioperative neurocognitive disorders.

Chapter 5 Relationship between specialized pro-resolving mediators and inflammatory markers in chronic cardiac disorders.

Chapter 6 Specialized pro-resolving mediators directs cardiac healing and repair with activation of inflammation and resolution program in heart failure.

Chapter 7 Novel n-3 docosapentaneoic acid-derived pro-resolving mediators are vasculoprotective and mediate the actions of statins in controlling inflammation.

Chapter 8 Aspects of prostaglandin glycerol ester biology.

Chapter 9 Targeting the COX/mPGES-1/PGE2 pathway in neuroblastoma.

Chapter 10 Metabolomics biomarkers for precision psychiatry.

Chapter 11 Cytochrome P450 eicosanoid signaling pathway in colorectal tumorigenesis.

Chapter 12 Contributions of 12/15-Lipoxygenase to bleeding in the brain following ischemic stroke.

Chapter 13 Systematic understanding of bioactive lipids in neuro-immune interactions:  Lessons from an animal model of multiple sclerosis.

Chapter 14 Role of bioactive sphingolipids in inflammation and eye diseases.

Chapter 15 Roles of ceramides and other sphingolipids in immune cell function and inflammation.

Chapter 16 Acute and chronic mild traumatic brain injury differentially changes levels of bioactive lipids in the CNS associated with headache.

Chapter 17 Novel anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory ω-3 endocannabinoid epoxide regioisomers.

Chapter 18 Overview of lipid biomarkers in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Chapter 19 Flavonoids ability to disrupt inflammation mediated by lipid and cholesterol oxidation.