Clinical Examination and Differential Diagnosis of Skin Lesions

Clinical Examination and Differential Diagnosis of Skin Lesions
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Dan Lipsker
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From cutaneous signs to the richness of differential diagnosis, this book guides practitioners through every step from semiological analysis to diagnosis. It provides readers with the keys of relevant dermatological reasoning.

Conceived as a guide for practitioners in their work in dermatology, this book is unique in its approach. From cutaneous signs to the richness of differential diagnosis, it guides practitioners through every step, from semiological analysis to diagnosis. The aim is to provide readers with the essentials of relevant dermatological reasoning. The first part of the book focuses on physical examination and on recognizing basic lesions, the practitioner’s building blocks. The diseases requiring understanding are then described in the form of a richly illustrated atlas, in which each diagram has been chosen as an exemplary educational tool. In the final part, differential diagnosis is proposed in the form of various tables summarizing the different cutaneous signs, providing readers with a complete toolkit to assist with diagnosis. This book will give trainee dermatologists, general physicians and internists the knowledge they need to identify basic lesions and a complete and detailed overview of the various diseases they are likely to encounter. At the same time, experienced dermatologists will find this book a valuable reference work for differential diagnosis.

SEMIOLOGY.- Physical examination and the approach to dermatology.- Dermatological physical examination: basic lesions.- Flat lesions.- Palpable and solid lesions.- Liquid lesions.- Abnormalities in skin thickness and consistency.- Abnormalities affecting the skin surface.- Other signs.- Configuration and arrangement.- Distribution.- Synopsis.- NOSOLOGY.- Prevalent dermatoses.- Tumors and tumorous lesions.- Dermatological signs of medical emergencies.- Cutaneous expression of internal diseases.- DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS.- Hypopigmented or leukodermic lesions.- Hyperpigmented lesions.- Erythematous macules-erythema.- Erythema with a specific topography.- Exanthems.- Erythroderma.- Livedo.- Purpura.- Telangiectasias.- Yellow, orange and green macules.- Dermoepidermal, lipoatrophic and lipodystrophic atrophy.- Poikiloderma.- Vesicles and bullae.- Pustules.- Palpable lesions – general remarks.- Palpable lesions with the same color as the skin.- Brown, black, blue or gray palpable lesions.- White palpable lesions.- Yellow palpable lesions.- Palpable erythematous lesions.- Follicular papules and pillar keratosis.- Palpable lesions with a specific topography.- Palmoplantar keratodermas.- Intricate papular lesions.- Cutaneous sclerosis.- Shedding of skin.- Erosion and ulceration.- Necrosis.

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