Summary: It’s a Wired, Wired World

Summary: It’s a Wired, Wired World
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Review and Analysis of Stauffer's Book
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The must-read summary of David Stauffer's book: "It's a Wired, Wired World: Business the AOL Way".

This complete summary of the ideas from David Stauffer's book "It's a Wired, Wired World" shows that AOL has been able to achieve impressive preeminence in such a highly competitive marketplace, despite not being created until 1985. The company’s longevity and ability to move forward in the face of intense competition is unmatched. In his book, the author identifies the six elements of the AOL business model that have led to its success. This summary is a great template for success and is a must-read for anyone who wants to follow the principles of AOL to ensure success in their own business.

Added-value of this summary:

• Save time

• Understand key concepts

• Expand your business knowledge

To learn more, read "It's a Wired, Wired World" and discover the secrets behind the success of this world-class company.

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