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Summary: 12

Review and Analysis of Wagner and Harter's Book
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The must-read summary of Rodd Wagner and James Harter's book: "12: The Elements of Great Managing".This complete summary of the ideas from Rodd Wagner and James Harter's book "12: The Elements of Great Managing" identifies 12 fundamental requirements which make a good manager based on the responses of over a million employee interviews. Stating clear common objectives, providing sufficient training, giving appropriate feedback, encouraging personal development and providing opportunities for growth are just a few of the key elements which motivate employees, and foster a healthy working environment. What’s more, if people feel valued and encouraged by their managers, this results in a greater loyalty to the employer and a more ambitious work ethic. This summary not only provides 12 key principles of management, it also outlines the benefits of good management on a personal and organisational level. Although some of it may seem intuitive, this succinct guide will be truly valuable in bringing together all the elements in your management toolkit in a coherent and synchronised way.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand key principles• Expand your leadership skillsTo learn more, read "12: The Elements of Great Managing" and discover the key features that you need to adopt to become the best manager.