From Death to Life
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From Death to Life

Experience the Power of God Within You
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Esther O. King
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This book is fascinating and unique. It is from the depths of the heart of our heavenly Father, of the heart of America, and of the heart of the Philippines.
This book is about the stories that must be read for the glory of God.

From the beginning and to the ending of this book, it is about the exciting glory of God and his power that will bring inspiration within your soul. This is an extraordinary and unforgettable treasure from heaven filled with hope, love, healing, restoration, deliverance, confidence, blessings, wisdom, knowledge, and his revelation.

Esther is the one who breaks the ground, being a child living in the poorest country of the Philippines and being a brave woman coming to America. Her true story is a living testimony, and her experience is from the heart of pain, fear, hopelessness, suffering, persecution, abandonment, poverty, and even death. And because of God’s grace and mercy, she turned the brokenness of her spheres into hope, love, and faith. Her life changed from being defeated to becoming a victor. And at the end, she experienced the joy, the beauty, and the triumph victory of God over her life. Instead of hate, her heart is filled with love and forgiveness for those who hurt and afflicted her.

Esther experienced the love and the glory of God with many signs, wonders, and miracles in her life. It shows that God is real and that he is alive within her soul. She has passion to pray for those who have been afflicted and have many various diseases. She was doing the will of God over her life.

God performed miracles for her by bringing her back from death to life. Through battling the cancer, she saw the work of the Great I Am, who rescued her; and by the grace of God, she is still standing.

She was transformed from darkness to light, from slavery to freedom, from mourning to joy. God radiated his glory over her as she walked with him.

God is the only one who can navigate her.

This book will make and create a higher ground of his power over your life. God’s fire and the essence of his word will cultivate and make your whole world upside down for his glory.

By reading this book, your life will never be the same. It will transform you.