Who Am I?
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Who Am I?

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Ms. Ann Dimes
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Fighting devastation, depression, homeless, displaced, and not wanting to be addressed as a refugee. Simply flees from state to state as a mother, daughter, caretaker and shows the world how to live on Faith. When the raging storms enter and exit her life; as if she was walking thru revolving doors. She suddenly finds herself refugee with her life in danger. She finds herself in this cute rural community, shaken and broken. Sitting there with seventeen other family in a parking lot, lost and no direction of where to go. Praying to God for help. A police officer came from know where and asked, “ If we where lost? And could he help.” He saw the devastation look upon her face and said, “ You do not have to say a word; just follow me. I have shelter and food for you.” When they arrive, it is a gym set up as a shelter. The people where kind and understanding of our situitation. They had already provided shelter for three other families. After we got cleaned up and settle, we all gathered and spoke of travel. As, Simply spoke of her journey her mind spins like a revolving door, reflecting on her life. It brings her back to when she was a little girl. Remembering who God was and knew that he loved her, and he would not leave her at time of need. And, her Faith in him will bring her thru this storm as he had done with so many other storms in her life.