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Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio
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Dracus continues a saga began two books prior involving a curse and Cat World. Although on the surface, Dracus may seem to be an ordinary kid. Readers come to discover, as Zubelle points out, that he has to deal with many things other kids their age do not. Th is evokes empathy and acceptance by many of his classmates.

With dramatic, non-stop action, and suspenseful storytelling, Titus steadily draws us into his world fi lled with bursting enthusiasm and unfettered creativity. His exuberance for the tale is palpable, and his characters are always unique and straight from his heart using enormous imagination. Th e reader, kept in suspense about what happened to Landon, will be surprised to discover who Hanchu and Blik really are and discover the genuine relationship between Dracus and Zubelle.

Titus is an award-winning author and illustrator of his book series, LANDON, the Superhero of the Worlds! He wrote and illustrated the fi rst book in the series when he was nine years old grade school student, and it was published when he was ten. Following that, his second book, LANDON Th e Superhero of the Worlds! A Race to Save the Human Race was released while he was in middle school. Titus is now fi ft een and a sophomore in high school. His fi rst book won a 5 Star Rating from Readers’ Favorite and was selected to compete in a book award contest.

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