The Journal
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The Journal

Book 10
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N. K. Beckley
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The Journal is the tenth book Mrs. Beckley has written for Xlibris. It is an interactive book.This book introduces the readers to Sister Mary Edwina and her class. She has given an assignment to them on their Most Memorable Christmas Vacation Ever.
This book shows the reader how each student writes their assignment and what happens to them ten years later.
It also tells how Andre, Cameron, Cheyenne, and Nancy value their friendship, as well as their friendship with Sister Mary Edwina, Father Chris, and the Reverend Mother.
I hope you all have enjoyed Peggy, The Three-Some Book 2, The Writer’s Corner Book 3, The Golden Nugget Book 4, Emily Book 5, This Is As Good As It Gets Book 6, The 1940 Diary Book 7, Pockets Book 8, Pam and Jodi’s Journey Book 9, and The Journal Book 10.
This book has been written for my friends and family, especially Angela, Aunt Edwina, Bobbie, Gwen, Jane, Jean, Kate, Paul, Peggy, Susan, Toni, Sister Mary DeChantel, Father Don, Fred, and my parents, Elizabeth and Fred.
If some of you are wondering if I fashioned any of the characters after me, the answer is yes. Nancy was fashioned after me, and the nuns were fashioned after the nuns I taught with and under throughout my teaching career. Sister Mary Edwina was fashioned after a nun my daughters had in school and whom I taught under. Her name was Sister Mary DeChantel. I learned a great deal from her, and every time I see a butterfly or roses, I think of her. There were even roses and butterflies at her funeral recently.
A lot of the experiences in this book happened to my family and me and are still very vivid in my memory. I thought you might enjoy them.