Parenting a Happy Child
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Parenting a Happy Child

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Peter Claver Ugo
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A Latin adage says, “Dat quod non habet,” meaning “No one gives what he does not have.” This wise saying makes sense in the business of parenting. We are in an age where children are begetting children due to lack of knowledge, which contributes to rampant teenage pregnancy. It gets complicated when a teenager who should still needs parental care becomes a parent.
This book examines some of the fundamental precautions that should be taken from the moment of conception, such as the effects of toxins or teratogens that could affect the health of the baby in the womb. Every parent who has the good of their baby in the womb in mind should know about these toxins and avoid putting them into their body. The fundamentals to parenting with resilience and grace lies in the sacred nature of the human body as presented in this book. Any form of physical and emotional abuse or addiction to alcohol and substances of abuse that can pose danger to the unborn baby or a child should be avoided. The need for the parents to form a secure attachment with the baby cannot be underestimated, as insecure attachment could result to lifelong emotional and psychological imbalance in the child if not properly addressed.

This book also seeks to emphasize that no two persons are ever the same, not even identical twins. Therefore, the former idea in parenting that tends to say that one size fits all is untenable when it comes to raising a child who can live true to his or her nature. I have, in this book, explored the various traits and energy movements that could inform the personality of your child and offer best practice tips to raise each child to be happy and successful. Many behavioral warning signs that could show when the child is not properly being raised or abused are discussed. Finally, some measures that could be taken to arrest the effects of poor parenting and healing of a traumatized inner child are equally presented. It is my sincere hope that many will find this book a good guide and reference book in raising their children.