Jesus in the Hood
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Jesus in the Hood

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Charles E. Pender Ph.D.
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This book features a lot lizard and a prostitute who was extremely good looking.
Her eyes were dark and soft as a thousand midnights, and so was her hair. Her breast stood up like taillights on a ’59 Cadillac, she was a 34-28-36 brick house. Her lips were round and full, and her tongue tasted like July Jam. She was as fat as a swamp possum with the mumps and looked so good when this soul sister winked at a church deacon. They immediately had to give him artificial respiration.

Go on and buy the book and read the rest of it. It’ll blow your mind how her pimp wanted to use a certain thing on her to get rid of her and he got some relatives living today using the same thing. If that wasn’t bad enough, this same pimp mistreated Jesus in the hood. Go ahead and buy this book, and be thrilled, enlightened, informed . . . and very amazed.