Reclaiming Your Divinity

Reclaiming Your Divinity
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Accessing Your True Superpower!
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Josefa Amor
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“Reclaiming Your Divinity” could be the most important book for you to read. Why is it important that we claim--or reclaim--our divinity?The psychological and emotional damage of not knowing one’s divine reality is demonstrated in the sufferings of the world, resulting in lives half-lived, regretted or wasted.
Whether you know it yet or not, awakening from this spiritual amnesia into your divine reality and destiny must be your central life’s work. Many do not realise their supernatural nature, or how to access the bountiful ongoing fount of grace, power, wisdom and love that come to those who awaken and claim their divinity.
Ignorance or ignore-ance of this glorious inheritance denies one of a life lived in the plumbline of the ultimate living truth of one’s divine identity, reality, origin, and purpose.
It also denies the world of the unique contribution desperately needed that only you, in your awakened state, can offer in that unique way to the collective knowledge, healing and spiritual progress of humanity, by the very genius of the Divine Light of your individual creative being.
If you realised that you live both in spirit and in matter, that you have consciousness and being in both the heavenly and earthly realms co- existing here and now, that you have power in your Christ Self (your Real Self) to move in both realms, that in fact, you have a commission to intercede effectively for yourself and others between those two worlds, how would you live your life now?
Knowing your divine identity will compel and empower you to become the fullness of who you truly are.
“Excellent! Well written. Grabs you and you just want to keep reading it. I wish I had this book 40 years ago when I was looking for it.” – M.R.

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