Universal Business

Universal Business
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Life’s Lessons in Vignettes
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Maanasa Jain
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Ordinary life has a way of being the greatest teacher for each of us, yet all too often we turn to celebrities and their grand lives as a model for success. So what if instead we were to imagine an average woman with a life full of ups and downs to perhaps guide our way?
In Universal Business, author Maanasa Jain shares a witty and honest compilation of stories and lessons from her journey in life. With the heartfelt intention of leaving these writings for her sons, she has articulated life’s lessons both in her personal universe as well as in her public and professional one. And in each of her reflections, Maanasa holds dear the idea that a person’s life journey and self-evaluation truly define his or her emergence and success as a public leader.

Although Maanasa is not a best-selling author nor a CEO, superstar, professional athlete, or celebrity of any kind, she hopes her sons and those who share in her reflections will learn from her honesty and join her on her ongoing journey to improve herself and be a shining light in the universe.

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