A Peculiar Journey
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A Peculiar Journey

Understanding Joy in Suffering on the Road to Huruma
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Charles J. Prichard
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Upon my return from a missions trip in Africa, I developed a deeper understanding of the theology of suffering. At the same time, I had a burning desire to articulate to a lost world how suffering is never beyond God. I wanted to be able to point others to the One who alone is able to make sense of the hardships we experience in a fallen world. After seeing a group of people experience extreme suffering and still retain their joy, I was eager to dig deeper and figure out how that was even possible.
As my research on this topic progressed, I began to realize that Scripture confirmed what I saw in a slum in Kenya. Those who are connected to Him can truly find meaning and comfort in their life regardless of their circumstances.

For the untold numbers of people passing through extreme sufferings, the understanding of the biblical teachings on suffering will be enlightening as you strive to make sense of what you are experiencing or have experienced in the past. Finally, for those who are living a life of comfort and affluence, this book may serve as a wakeup call as you are constantly tempted to rely on and find happiness in the temporary and fleeting pleasures of this world.

Suffering is real. True joy is possible.

Charles encountered the deep suffering of the residents in Huruma Village and allowed it to take him to a deeper encounter with The One who alone can help us make sense of our suffering.

Irene Tongoi

Founder, New Dawn Education Centre, Kenya

The words and thoughts throughout this book are truly a work of art.

Timothy Woller

President, Saba International

Powerfully inspiring and theologically rich!

Robert F. Dees

Major General, USAF Retired

President, Resilience Consulting

At the authors request, royalties will be given to help orphans and widows around the world through nonprofit organizations.

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