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216x140x18 mm

Ezra-Elle had mere moments to choose between saving Azure's life or the future a precious potion had been crafted to ensure. The dark faerie godmother chose to rescue the infant in the hopes that Azure might find her way to happily ever after without the magical assist. Thirty long years later an opportunity presents itself-a good life for the solitary, isolated Azure, along with a revenge chaser for the woman's fate. Ezra-Elle thinks she has found a way to both cure Azure's loneliness and punish the person who had taken the path meant for her in one fell swoop.Charlie Dempsey lives what should be a good life-an enviably close circle of friends and someone who she believes is her soulmate, but she can't fully enjoy either. She is haunted by her past and can't get beyond the shadow it has cast on her soul. Azure's appearance in Charlie's life threatens to be a blockbuster to what little happiness Charlie been able to salvage.Ezra-Elle has set Azure and Charlie up, and neither appreciates the meddlesome matchmaking. But just because Ezra-Elle is evil doesn't mean she's wrong. One question plagues Azure and Charlie during the tumult the dark faerie's actions set in motion: Are they soulmates, or pawns in someone's sick game? Only time will tell if Charlie will release Azure from her loneliness, and turn her frozen dreams into a modern fairy-tale happily ever after.

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