The Weird Wild West
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The Weird Wild West

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Faith Hunter
1, The Weird and Wild Series
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The untamed frontier is a challenge, a test of character, a proving ground for the soul. It's a place where pioneers rewrite their future, or end their days…for better or worse. In the spirit of Bret Maverick, Cat Ballou, Kwai Chang Caine, and James West, The Weird Wild West blends western grit with the magical and mysterious unknown that waits beyond the next horizon.

With thrilling stories by Jonathan Maberry, Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin, John G. Hartness, RS Belcher, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Misty Massey, James R. Tuck, Robert E. Waters, David Sherman, Tonia Brown, Liz Colter, Scott Hungerford, Frances Rowat, Ken Schrader, Bryan C.P. Steele, Wendy N. Wagner, and a bonus story by New York Times bestselling-author Faith Hunter, you've hit the Mother Lode!

Table of Contents

Abishag Mary by Frances Rowat 1
Blood Tellings by Wendy N. Wagner 11
Ruin Creek by Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin 27
Via Con Diablo by Bryan C.P. Steele 57
Rattler by R.S. Belcher 65
Rocky Rolls Gold by David Sherman 89
Son of the Devil by Jonathan Maberry 107
Mungo Snead's Last Stand by Robert E. Waters 129
Frank and Earnest by Tonia Brown 147
From Parts Unknown by James R. Tuck 167
Sundown by Liz Colter 187
Fifteen Seconds by Scott Hungerford 199
Redemption Song by John G. Hartness 219
Grasping Rainbows by Diana Pharaoh Francis 233
The Faery Wrangler by Misty Massey 251
Haven by Ken Schrader 263
Eighteen Sixty by Faith Hunter 285
About the Authors 291
The Weird Wild West Stakeholders 299