European Travel for the GENIUS

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Patricia Harris
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Make every trip to Europe the trip of a lifetime. From dreaming and planning to the practical considerations, European Travel for the Genius will make you a confident traveler, whatever your budget might be. That's because you're not in the adventure alone-you have European travel experts whispering advice in your ear at every step. And it will be an adventure! Start by unsnarling the tricks and traps of online booking to get super deals on hotels and airfare. Learn about Europe-only airlines-and the European booking engines-that savvy Europeans have been using for years to save money. Get a headstart on planning the journey of your dreams, whether it's gourmet travel through France or a tour of the storied capitals of Middle Europe. Get overviews of the countries-with don't-miss highlights-and advice on assembling out-of-the-box itineraries. When you land, hit the ground running with all the information you need to use the Internet and your phone for little or no cost, get the best deals on changing money, and avoid hidden charges when you pay with your credit card. Crisscross the continent on some of the world's best train systems and enjoy authentic meals wherever you go. You can break bread without breaking the bank-if you know who to ask about the best places to eat. Whether you're inspired by the peaks of the Swiss Alps or the fishing villages of Italy's Cinqueterre, the giddy heights of the Eiffel Tower or the azure seas of the Greek Isles, European Travel for the Genius puts the trip of a lifetime within your reach. About the For the GENIUS Series The For the GENIUS series is a line of how-to books about any topic that people want to learn. Though written in a conversational style, GENIUS books are thorough and authoritative treatments of the subject. They are written by experts in the subject who want to share with others what they've learned. Pure genius! Table of Contents PART 1: Dreaming the Dream Chapter 1So You're Going To Europe... Chapter 2Great Places For... Chapter 3Countries at a Glance: United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter 4Countries at a Glance: Scandinavia Chapter 5Countries at a Glance: Western Europe Chapter 6Countries at a Glance: Central/Eastern Europe Chapter 7Countries at a Glance: Southern/Mediterranean Europe PART 2: Planning the Dream Chapter 8Finding Your Wings Chapter 9A Bed for the Night Chapter 10Working the System to Save Chapter 11At the Borders Chapter 12Other Resources Chapter 13Managing Your Money Chapter 14Making Connections and Keeping in Touch Chapter 15What to Bring Chapter 16Health and Wellness PART 3: Traveling Around Europe Chapter 17Riding the Rails Chapter 18Putting It All Together: Sample Itineraries PART 4: Living the Dream Chapter 19Tips for Getting a Great Meal Chapter 20Tips for Shopping & Bargaining Chapter 21Tips for Visiting an Art Museum Chapter 22Tips for Traveling with Kids Chapter 23Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip Chapter 24Making Memories