Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Disappearing Golf Balls
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Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Disappearing Golf Balls

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K. B. Lebsock
3, Princess Isabella
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Princess Isabella and The Mystery of  the Disappearing Golf Balls

The Big Day has come! Princess Isabella and her doggie  friends are participating in the International Doggie Golf Tournament! The  weather is perfect. the fairways are smooth. the greens are firm and fast.  The Tournament is moving along nicely when  all of a sudden, balls that were in play begin to disappear. Very Strange!

Princess Isabella is an accomplished Dog Dancer and a member  of three performing Dog Dance Groups with many public performances to her  credit.  With her recent success at  solving mysteries, she is also building a reputation as a clever and insightful  detective. The Mystery of the Disappearing Golf Balls is her third mystery  case.

K. B. Lebsock lives in Colorado. She has a B.A. from Loretto  Heights College and enjoys ballet, classical music, freestyle doggie dancing, BBC  TV dramas, and photography, which is why her camera goes with her everywhere.  She has a love for animals of all kinds. Princess Isabella and the Mystery of  the Disappearing Golf Balls is her third book.

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Jessica Wulf is a native of North Dakota but has spent most  of her life in Colorado, where she now lives with her husband, four happy dogs,  and Miss Kitty the cat. She has a B.A. in History and has published six  historical fiction novels. Princess Isabella and the  Mystery of the Disappearing Golf Balls is her  third children’s book.

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