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Peacesong DC
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A Jewish Africana Academia Epic Tale of Washington City
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Carolivia Herron
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Shirah Shulamit Ojero has four loves, her African American culture, her Jewish heritage, academic study — especially the study of literary epics — and her city, Washington, DC. Peacesong DC displays the interconnection of these four loves as Shirah grows up in the Washington DC neighborhoods of Mayfair Mansions, Kenilworth, Anacostia, Takoma DC. and downtown. Throughout her life, Shirah connects with the buildings and images of the National Mall which she considers the epic center of the United States. After graduating from DC Public Schools (Neval Thomas, Woodson, and Coolidge), Shirah pursues academic degrees at Howard University, Eastern Baptist College, Villanova University, the Folger Library Institute, and the University of Pennsylvania. Although all of the stories told in Peacesong DC are based on actual events in the author’s life, the book is classified as fiction rather than non-fiction because the stories bend toward the arc of storytelling rather than that of rigid facts. If something in the story appears particularly improbable, it is likely to be the truth. For the full hilarious story of how Shirah (aka Asenath) becomes an educator at Harvard University (West Cambridge U) and a librarian in ancient Egypt, see the author’s longer work, Asenath and the Origin of Nappy Hair.

PrologueChapter 1: Look Homeward, AngelChapter 2: Past PrologueChapter 3: Story CaughtChapter 4: Bear-Wolf's March to the LibraryChapter 5: VersityChapter 6: Paradise Re-LostChapter 7: Gates of LightChapter 8: Attic WindowChapter 9: The Garden of Converging PathsChapter 10: QuietnessChapter: 11: RainChapter 12: LavenderChapter 13: SinaiChapter 14: Easter EggsChapter 15: Green GrocerChapter 16: KosherChapter 17: Your Father's BooksChapter 18: D. C. TransitChapter 19: RedfaceChapter 20: Safety CavalierChapter 21: Grilled CheeseChapter 22: Dumbarton OaksChapter 23: Angels and FaeriesChapter 24: Woodson Junior High SchoolChapter 25: Paul Junior High SchoolChapter 26: Coolidge High SchoolChapter 27: Velatis and SilverChapter 28: So JourneyingChapter 29: Howard University FireChapter 30: Ekstasis University of the EastChapter 31: Bad AvenueChapter 32: Black and ComelyChapter 33: Nappy HairChapter 34: You KnowChapter 35: Writ On WaterChapter 36: High SeasChapter 37: VirginiaChapter 38: Boat WomanChapter 39: Big BoyChapter 40: The Tin CupChapter 41: ShuviChapter 42: ONEAcknowledgementAbout the AuthorDescription of Peacesong DC

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