On the Buzzer
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On the Buzzer

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Michael Panckridge
6, The Legend Series
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It's Round 6 and basketball is the next sport in the action-packed Legends series. But the competition takes a back seat when Sandhurst's sporting reputation is put on the line. The odds are against them. The stakes are high. Just how far will someone go to bring the team down? It's thrills and spills as the players hit the court. Who will come out on top?"An authentically Australian series that boys can not only relate to, but actually want to read." BOOKSELLER & PUBLISHERDue to popular demand, the highly acclaimed LEGENDS series returns!• Brighter – bolder – updated• Interactive Q codes for the home and classroom – where readers can complete quizzes, games, interview characters and share their sporting achievements• Pacy, sport-oriented page turners that will hook in both boys and girls• Believable characters to whom readers will relate • Heaps of bonus informational text to complement each story• Absorbing, self-contained stories but an overall story arch to the series
PrologueChapter 1 Was it Jack?Chapter 2 Mrs CartwrightChapter 3 Basketball TrialsChapter 4 Escape!Chapter 5 The Rat ReturnsChapter 6 Back to the TunnelChapter 7 Trapped!Chapter 8 The Build-upChapter 9 Lucky BryceChapter 10 The Tournament BeginsChapter 11 A Call for Mrs MorrisChapter 12 The Crazy FinishChapter 13 On the BuzzerBasketball Game Scores and LaddersLegend of Basketball Results (Boys)Legend of Basketball Results (Girls)Legend of Sport Points Table - BoysLegend of Sport Points Table - GirlsBasketball QuizQuiz Answers