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Bindi - valuing difference

The History of Bindi, Central Australia's First Disability Service for Adults 1978 - 2012
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Joyce Bowden OAM
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The History of Bindi portrays the struggle to obtain services for adults with a disability and their families in Central Australia; and the formation of Bindi Inc. in 1978 by a small group of parents and supporters, as the first service to enable young adults with significant intellectual disabilities to live as active participants within their community instead of being sent away to live in interstate institutions.
Bindi remains the only service in Central Australia to offer supported employment to adults with any type of disability.

Throughout its history, Bindi has played a key role in educating the community and government policy makers about the needs and aspirations of people with significant cognitive impairment. It has been influential in awakening government, service providers and the general public to another way of thinking about intellectual disability.

From inception, Bindi has been committed to promoting the rights of people with a disability, improving their social image and assisting them to develop personal skills, self-image and self-worth. Over the years, the organisation has supported more than 300 young adults with disability in their life journey. Many of these have successfully gained and succeeded in open employment and independent living, while others have much higher degrees of independence and community acceptance than would otherwise have been their lot.

These are their stories, the stories of their families and the communities of Central Australia.