Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again™
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Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again™

Rebuilding Our Common Wealth
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Mark Swivel
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On First Looking publishes poems by student writers at Avondale College of Higher Education alongside work by some of Australia's best contemporary poets. It is the fifth volume in a project which has run over the last decade, and like the books it follows, this anthology introduces a diverse range of poetic voices and places them within the context of a wider poetic community. With a nod in homage to John Keats' poem 'On First Looking into Chapman's Homer', this collection celebrates a long tradition of connections between writers. It is a unique showcase for work by new and mature poets, all of them united by poetry's gift of bringing us the world as if it has been looked at for the very first time. -JEAN KENT
Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again™ is Mark Swivel's soundbite manifesto as he embarks on a bid for the senate in 2019. Swivel argues our political class detached from the rest of us a long time ago and has no real purpose beyond preserving itself. He advocates a new populism that's about making communities worth living in and building a future where government serves us and not the market - where the test is always 'so, tell me how does this bring people together?' An Australia that is Slightly Better Than Average... like the one he grew up in when there was free university education, a sane housing policy, and we all seemed to be part of a national adventure. "Disruption is everywhere except politics. Let's change that." This is Mark Swivel's message to all Australians in this immensely readable, very funny, yet insightful book. Read it and be inspired. What The Barefoot Investor did for personal finance, Swivel does for politics. - Colleen Ryan, Author and former editor of the Australian Financial Review With humour and insight, Mark Swivel skewers our political life: the dominance of corporatism and consumerism and the abandonment of the public sphere. Our politicians are so enthralled by vested interests, so absorbed in their own ambition they are unable to govern in Australia's long-term interest. Swivel rightly argues we all have a part to play in rebuilding and sustaining our Common Wealth. - Anne Cooombs, Activist, author and former chair of Get Up