When The Student Is Ready...
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When The Student Is Ready...

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Angelo Campione
Financial/Life Self Help
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When The Student Is Ready… is a financial/life self-help book, written as a fictional story and told through the eyes of the main character Jane, who undertakes a journey of self-discovery and financial freedom.The story begins when Jane meets Arturo at a 21st birthday party. Arturo, is mysterious and intriguing to Jane, and she reluctantly takes up his offer to sit down with him for a chat once a week. Unknowingly, she embarks on a journey that will affect the entire course of her life.Arturo gives Jane projects to do and each week she heads home and discusses what she has learned with her father and family, and together they all start to feel the affects of Arturo’s unique perspective. Gradually, and with Arturo’s help, Jane grows to face her fears and begins to live life as the creator she was born to be.This book was written for all those looking to create a life of choice where financial freedom is a by-product of who you were born to be. Join Jane in exploring this new world as she learns more about herself and how the world of money works.The author is pleased to support the great work of the Khan Academy by donating all proceeds from the sale of this book to them.
Table of ContentsIntroductionForeword Part 1: SELF A Chance Meeting  A New Day The Meeting Week Two – The Present Moment Week Three – The Opposites Week Four – Selfishness Week Five – The Journey  A New Beginning Week Six – The Drop Out  Part 2: FINANCESWeek Seven – Anxiety  Week Eight – Survival  Week Nine – Belief and Judgement Week Ten – Interest and Debt Saturday Afternoon Family Brainstorming Session Week Eleven – Gaining Clarity Week Twelve – Compounding  Week Thirteen – The Money Tree  Week Fourteen – Leverage Week Fifteen – Investing Week Sixteen – Luck Week Seventeen – Business  Week Eighteen – A Privileged life  Week Nineteen – Living the Dream Five Years LaterGlossary of Financial Terms Arturo’s Reminders to Jane  About The Author