Building Winning Organisations
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Building Winning Organisations

A complete guide to sustaining best-in-class performance for all organisations
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Kyle T Gimpl
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Building winning organisations defines the essential capabilities and characteristics required by any organisation seeking to sustain best in class performance. The Winning Organisation Model outlines the four capabilities of Value focus- Operational excellence - Organisational Effectiveness -Effective Leadership. Each capability has essential characteristics that describe how Winning Organisations operate. Real examples are provided to help build understanding. The book is designed to enable any organisation to assess its current capabilities and thinking, to quickly identify gaps where improvement is required to achieve to best in class performance. Effective leadership is explored in detail. Why effective leadership is a critical determinant in the rate of performance improvement is explained and simple models that have been proven in practice are provided.The Winning Organisation Model is recommended for employees seeking to improve the way that their organisation works. The Winning Organisation Model allows leaders to cost effectively understand what is required to sustain better, faster, cheaper performance than the competition.
Value Focus, Customer,  Analysing,  Learning,  Improving, Planning,  Prioritising, innovation, enegagement, performance Operational Excellence,    Organisational effectiveness. Values, Effective systems, Team leadership modelDesigning, Measuring,     Controlling,      Effective Leadership,   1.            A simple, concise vision defines how the organisation creates value         2.            Pursues clarity in communication with all employees and stakeholders    3.            Engages at every level to ensure the organisation is on track to achieve its critical goals              4.            Always seeks meaningful data to guide decision-making 5.            Prioritises time to removing the barriers affecting your employees’ ability to work to their full capability          6.            Delegates authority to make control decisions to roles close to processes              7.            Pursues the simplification and improvement of systems 8.            Actively encourages open, transparent and face-to-face communication 9.            Positively demonstrates the six core values through their behaviour         10.         Accepts responsibility for improving the performance of the team            11.         Develops standard work routines             12.         Utilises planning processes based on valid data to determine the critical few priority acti       13.         Assigns clear tasks and regularly reviews progress            14.         Analyses the degree to which work is executed to the plan           15.         Knowledge management systems are owned by senior leadership to develop ASK-LEARN-SHARE behaviour throughout the organisation Operational Excellence in safety

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