Be Your Own Boss
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Be Your Own Boss

The Practical Self-Employment Handbook
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Whether you work for yourself ot contract your skilled labour to others, Be Your Own Boss is a short, practical and valuable resource. It is ideal for tradies, contractors, repairers, freelancers, consultants, homecare providers and professionals as well as other service providers.

Be Your Own Boss gives you the knowhow, techniques and tools to be successful, while keeping it simple. It covers self-employment at all stages of working life. It shows you how to:

  • set yourself up in your very own business;

  • keep it simple so you can focus on what is important;

  • minimise the risks;

  • get your product/service offering right for your customers;

  • manage your finances, simply, while meeting all legal requirements; and

  • prepare your retirement.

It is also an accessible and simply-written guide for students doing a trade, technical or professional course who intend to go out on their own.

Be Your Own Boss: The Practical Self-Employment Handbook covers a range of skills - from time management and techniques to control stress, to goals setting and working smarter. It will also help you to keep motivated, committed and productive. This book is a realistic account of what actually happens when you want to be your own boss, and it will help you to keep it simple and be successful.


Chapter 1: About self-employment

Chapter 2: Checking your idea

Chapter 3: Starting out

Chapter 4: Making it work

Chapter 5: Legals, taxes and you

Chapter 6: Your business plan

Chapter 7: Cashing in your chips