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Guidelines for International Trade
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Sebastian Ioppolo
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Most businesses will be affected by international trade to some extent. Businesses, therefore, need to be dynamic and respond to the changing business environment to prosper or, in many cases, just to survive.
Import/Export: Guidelines for International Trade, Third Edition, is designed to help business people and students gain specific international trade related knowledge. This will assist participants in identifying and capitalising on opportunities and reducing their risks, leading to improved business outcomes.

This book provides up-to-date and practical ‘how to’ information for anyone involved or considering becoming involved in international trade. Suitable for beginners, experienced traders or students, the book’s fourteen chapters explain the entire process of transacting with customers or suppliers outside Australia – from identifying and servicing export customers or finding reliable sources of imported products, through to arranging contracts, finance, insurance and transport, to packing goods for sea or air transport and negotiating customs and biosecurity procedures.

Import/Export: Guidelines for International Trade, Fourth Edition, includes many case studies and helpful tips to help the reader better understand how the concepts and practices unique to international trade are applied in real-life situations.

With the world becoming an even smaller place, and the need for businesses to participate in an increasingly globally-integrated economy becoming even greater, skills in international trade are certain to become even more important than they already are today.

It is hoped that this book enlightens and informs, answers your questions – including those you didn’t think of asking – and contributes to your long-term business success.

Chapter 1 - The import / export process,

Chapter 2 - International commercial terms

Chapter 3 - International contracts of sale

Chapter 4 - Cargo insurance

Chapter 5 - Export marketing

Chapter 6 - Import purchasing

Chapter 7 - International trade finance

Chapter 8 - International transport

Chapter 9 - Sea freight

Chapter 10 - Air freight

Chapter 11 - Customs

Chapter 12 - Biosecurity

Chapter 13 - Import / export costing

Chapter 14 - International transaction checklist.