Essential Competencies in HRM
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Essential Competencies in HRM

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Mike Fazey
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Essential Competencies in HRM is intended primarily for those studying towards a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification in human resource management. The chapters reflect the knowledge assessment criteria for each competency, and address the issues in a succinct way with an emphasis on policy and practice.

Each chapter includes two learning activities that require students to apply the ideas outlined in the chapter to a realistic scenario where they have to deal with an issue or solve a problem – the kinds of challenges that HR professionals are asked to deal with every day.

Affordable, readable, and free from excessive jargon and too many chapters, Essential Competencies in HRM contains just the critical, core information that students need to read, learn, remember and then apply in their chosen fields of work.

Chapter 1: Managing HR services

Chapter 2: Remuneration and benefits

Chapter 3: Recruitment, selection and induction

Chapter 4: Separations and terminations

Chapter 5: Performance management

Chapter 6: Workforce planning

Chapter 7: Workplace health and safety

Chapter 8: Employee relations

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