Sharper 1980-2013
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Sharper 1980-2013

A Biography of Martin Sharp
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Lowell Tarling
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Martin Sharp was an integral part of international Pop Art in the 1960s, magnified through his covers for OZ magazine in Sydney and London, his covers for Cream, and posters of Dylan, Hendrix and Donovan. His efforts at making The Yellow House and Luna Park cultural precincts, were aided by his screen prints and exhibitions to flaunt the work of others, especially the singer Tiny Tim. In this second of two volumes, Lowell Tarling offers us a way into the enigmatic and reclusive artist, through his extensive interviews with Sharp and all of his trusted friends, touching on the many dramas of life at Sharp's home studio, Wirian; his productions and search for meaning with regard to the Luna Park Fire; his spiritual search and death in 2013. 'I think what Lowell has done here is admirable, removing himself from the narrative. This book will be of interest to a wider audience who don't even know who Martin is. I predict this book will become a genuine hit.' - Peter Kingston.