Margaret Preston's Monotypes
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Margaret Preston's Monotypes

27 Plates in Colour
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Margaret Preston
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MARGARET PRESTON is Australia's most original painter. Essentially a pioneer, she strikes out new paths, and her fervour for experiment has led her into diverse forms of art. As she has mastered each new method she discards it and moves on to something fresh. Her latest conquest is the Monotype, and this book reveals her achievement in this field. As a practical craftsman, she found intense pleasure in working out a rare method of making Monotypes that can only be compared with that used by William Blake - whose secret died with him. This method gives a special quality to the work, a depth and richness that is unusual in this medium. Superb craftsmanship, imagination and a daring yet subtle use of colour have gone to the making of these Monotypes. (from Introduction by Gwen Morton Spencer)