The Aborigine and the Drover

The Aborigine and the Drover
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John P F Lynch
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In the 1860s in the Colony of Victoria, Tabu an aborigine goes 'walkabout' after a violent tribal fight during which his brother is killed. He rescues the wife of a drover/farmer - Michael, who is an escaped convict. He hires Tabu to help him drove sheep into the mainly unexplored northern districts of Victoria to the Murray River. Only a few hardy explorers and drovers had previously been through this country when bringing stock overland from Sydney to Melbourne. Their droving encounters many difficulties - crossing several rivers, bushfires, floods, theft of sheep and aborigine conflict. Parallel family stories involve an aboriginal battle, wild dog attacks, water rights and attempted piracy. The novel also includes other tales involving their family's trials and tribulations, bordering on truth and fiction. The author's knowledge of Australian history has helped him interweave tales of early settlers and aboriginal lifestyles to bring together significant events that occurred within Michael's and Tabu's family. The Colony's scenery and unique animals are also vividly described, together with a surprising conclusion for Michael. Collectively these descriptions have helped to complete an exciting must-read story 'of days gone by' and will be of interest to all readers, and will increase the knowledge of students of Australian history.

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